Everything about iPhone 5s and the price in UK

Both the apple iPhone 5S 32gb and the iPhone 5C unlocked have the same design and come with the Apple logos on the back. All the buttons and jacks are similarly placed, but this is where the similarity between the two phones ends. The dimensions of the 5S are 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm, that makes it smaller than the 5C, measuring 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97 mm. The 5C is, however, heavier by 20 g at 132 g compared to the 5S, which is 122 g. The 5S has a metal frame and the 5C has a plastic wrap that is more pleasant to grip. The 5C is offered in various bright colors, such as green and blue along with yellow, white and pink, whereas the cheap iPhone 5S sale is either black or space grey and gold, silver or white, offering a premium look.

Both the phones have front facing sensors, so you can enjoy Snapchat, selfies and Instagram. The rear camera in both the devices is of 8 MP, but the unlocked iphone 5S commands larger pixels, allowing more light to enter and also has a higher contrast. The 5S also has an OIS or optical image stabilization specs, which makes the pictures clearer, even when taken in low lighting conditions along with the text appearing clearer. The 5S has a dual LED for better night times shots, that are brighter and more natural, which puts the 5S above the 5C, which only has one LED light.

The internal storage on both the phones is similar, with both offered in the iphone 4s 16GB black factory unlocked and the iphone 32 GB models, whereas the 5S also comes in the 64 GB model and there is no support for additional storage in both the phones. The 32 GB is a good option but those who are into heavy mobile games and have heavy music libraries can opt for the 64 GB on the 5S.

Touch ID in 5S
The Touch ID is an efficient fingerprint scanner available in the home button of the 5S, enabling quick and easy means of unlocking. It is also a great safeguarding measure in case of making purchases from iTunes. This feature that is built in the 5S is one of the reasons for the higher price tag, when compared to the 5C and is a very useful feature for parents who lend their cheap iPhone 5S to their children and for those who need privacy on their phones.

The new upgraded A7 chip in the cheapest iPhone 5S sale uk brings about a laptop type of look to the device and it could be very useful when more apps are optimized for being suitable to the new chip. As for the 5C, it has the same chip found in the iPhone 5, a standard chipset. This means that the 5S will have a better lifespan and will be able to run more demanding applications that will come up in the future. There is not much difference in speed while flicking through screens, but the 5S is surely faster while gaming and downloading as well as for browsing purposes.

If you are looking for speed, the new iPhone 5S 32gb purchase scores over its cheaper rival, the 5C. However, this does not matter much if all you are going to be doing is surfing the Internet and your email, but the 5S surely has more power. The iPhone 5S has additional features and better specs, such as the A7 and the M7 chip along with metal chassis and the Touch ID feature, so naturally it commands a higher price of about $700 when compared with the 5C at about $550.